My Solo Ad Traffic Agency co-ops are likely the fastest and easiest way for you to get a bunch of leads, since you don't even have to find the vendors or coordinate any set-up (I do all that). These are solo ad co-ops, home-business seekers.

(USA Only)
One-time orders:

100 @ $50.00 per click $0.50

200 @ $100.00 per click $0.50

500 @ $250.00 per click $0.50

1,000 @ $500.00 per click $0.50


(Tier 1 Only)
One time orders:

100 @ $40.00 per click $0.40

200 @ $80.00 per click $0.40

500 @ $200.00 per click $0.40

1,000 @ $400.00 per click $0.40


1st Testimonial
Solo Ad Traffic Agency Converts.

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Aaron Wong Is A Buyer

James Williams Is A Buyer.

Rigoberto Betancourt Is A Buyer

David Rauschuber Is A Buyer

Digital Altitude Is A Buyer

With our complete done for you system (sales page, capture page, autoresponder
messages, traffic training & source) you can learn how to create your own Website Traffic Co Op, and make a fulltime income in shortest time.

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Owner is Travis Alexander
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There are NO REFUNDS all purchases of website traffic share. Once you pay, those funds will be allocated to advertising and will be spent.
There are no guarantees of sales or income, only clicks. As with any advertising results can vary. You will get the number of clicks you ordered as a minimum. If you get tons of sales and make tons of money, that is the result you get for your business. If you buy clicks here and you get NO SALES and NO INCOME that is also the result you get in your business. Your advertising for your business is up to you to determine. This co-op is an OPTION for you. You are welcome to find your own ad sources. If you are going to come back later and complain about results you got or didn't get, or anything else other than the number of clicks you ordered, don't bother to purchase.
The ad sources/vendors used for any co-op run will not be disclosed.
The ad copy used will not be disclosed.
The time-frame for delivering your clicks can vary.
No claims are made here as to speed of delivery, though typically it takes several days.
Admin participates in every co-op run with you so we have as much interest in making these successful as you do.
As with any advertising for any business, results always vary. You can run one co-op today an another tomorrow and get totally different results.
It is up to YOU to convert any leads you get from this co-op into sales.
It is up to YOU to maintain any customers/subaffiliates you get from this co-op. In other words, if they stick with you and purchase every month for years and years, that is your responsibility. And if they quit before their trial is over, that is also your responsibility. It is not the job of Admin, TRAVIS ALEXANDER to build your business for you, or to manage your team, etc. This is only a traffic co-op that will send visitors to your landing page.
That is all it is.
If you think you are entitled to have others build your business, to manage your business, to deal with your down-line for you, to handle your team retention or attrition, or any other aspect of your business, do not participate in this co-op. All that stuff is up to you, as it is for any business owner.
If any part of these terms is not 100% clear to you as to meaning, do not participate in this co-op.
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